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The main research theme in our group is discovering new electronic properties in organic and hybrid materials. En route to this goal, we are engaged in design and synthesis of novel ?-conjugated molecules and polymers, and study of their optical and electronic behavior, in solution, in thin films and crystals, and in semiconducting devices. Organic synthesis accounts for about 70% of our research activity, but the essence of these efforts is “making” novel properties, not merely new molecules. Thus, the new members of the group should also expect to develop expertise in one (or more) of the following: quantum-chemical calculations; supramolecular chemistry; photophysical and electrochemical measurements; semiconducting device fabrication; thin films and surface characterization techniques, scanning probe microscopy.

About Our Research

Our Facilities

Our research lab is situated in the North-East Corner of Otto Maass Chemistry building (OM 341) and consists of a large synthetic space (12 fumehoods), two students offices with a glass-protected view of the lab, a storage room, a cold room, and an instrumental room incorporating spectrometers, electrochemical stations, and device- fabrication/characterization equipments.

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Electronics from Chemists

Have a look at what chemists use to produce cool electronics devices.


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Welcome Ehsan, Meghna, Yuxuan, Zhenzhe, and Keith!
Sep 08, 2017

Welcoming our four new PhD students and one new Honours-thesis undergraduate student to our lab! We wish you a fruitful and joyful journal here with the rest of us!

New Publication on Advanced Electronic Materials
Apr 7, 2017

Congratulations to Lijia, Filip, and Rajesh on their new paper titled ‘A Wide Band Gap Naphthalene Semiconductor for Thin-Film Transistors’ on Advanced Electronics Materials! Keep up with our publications on the publications page!

Welcome Thaksen, Yoko, Chenghao, Mimi to our lab!
May 30, 2017

Welcome, our two new post-doctoral fellows and two undergraduate SURA recipients! Have a wonderful and productive time starting with the nice Montreal summer!

Dima becomes Macdonald Chair Professor
Feb 3, 2017

Congratulations to Professor Dmitrii Perepichka for becoming the Sir William C. Macdonald Chair in Chemistry! This title is one of the oldest Named Chairs at McGill University. See the news communication for more information!

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Get in touch with us and Professor Perepichka at Department of Chemistry, McGill University for anything! An inquiry form along with more information is provided in the contact page.


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