Our research lab is situated in the North-East corner of Otto Maass Chemistry building (OM341) and consists of a large synthetic space (12 fumehoods), two students offices a glass-protected view of the lab, a storage room, a cold room and an instrumental room incorporating spectrometers, electrochemical stations and device fabrication/characterization equipment.

Specifically, our lab has 12 large fumehoods fit for (almost) every synthetic procedure, multiple analytical balances, a glovebox, multiple rotorvaps, multiple vertical sublimation set-ups (incl. diffusion pump), multiple horizontal sublimation set-ups, a dry solvent system, two flash-chromatography systems (Biotage and Combiflash), Large chemical inventory (including a cold room and a -20C fridge), High-pressure reaction set-ups, many ovens and furnace, centrifuges and sonicators, multiple high vacuum sublimation/evaporators for device fabrication, a device probe station, electrochemistry set-up, an optical microscope, (T-variation) UV-Vis spectrometer, fluorescence spectrometer, solid-state fluorolog, FTIR spectrometer, STM/AFM instrument, UPS spectrometer, BET analysis instrument, etc. We also have access to other McGill instruments such as NMR/EPR/MassSpec and QCAM/CSACS’s instruments such as PXRD and TGA/DSC.