image FT-IR spectroscopy

    ThermoNicolet 6700 FTIR(20000-400 cm–1)
    equipped with:
    DTGS, MCT and photoacoustic detectors,
    Smart Orbit (ATR), SAGA (grazing angle), PIKE VATR accessories

image Absorption/Emission Spectroscopy

    JACSO V670 UV-Vis-NIR (200-2500 nm)
    Varian Eclipse Fluorometer (with integrating sphere)
    Ocean Optics UV-Vis (fiber optics)

image Langmuir-Blodgett bath

    KSV Instrument

image Scanning Probe Microscopy

    Nanosurf easyScan 2 low-current STM

image Electrochemistry

    CH-Instrument double potentiostat
    BAS Epsilon potentiostate
    Controlled growth mercury drop electrode

Spin coater
image Plasma cleaner
image Vapor Deposition Systems

    Edwards Auto 360 (modified for organic and metal deposition)
    All-glass homemade high-vacuum organic deposition system
    Plasmionique High Vacuum Vapor deposition system

image High Vacuum Pumps