Our group's News



2016.06.06 Welcome Steven and Leo - our new summer undergrads!
2015.10.07 Two new grad students have joined our group: Filip and Omar. Welcome!
2015.08.07 We're pleased to welcome Masahiro, visiting from the RIKEN Institute in Japan.
2015.07.09 Don't forget; group camping on July 26th!
2015.07.09 A big welcome to Yulan, visiting from the South China University of Technology!
2015.03.13 We're happy to have Zahra Heydari visiting for a year from the University of Tehran!
2014.10.16 Welcome to our new Post-Doc Patrick from Cambridge!
2014.03.05 Lab clean-up was a great success today!
2013.11.21 Check out the new Perepichkapedia!
2013.09.23 Happy Birthday to Amine!
We're glad to welcome our new Post Doc Rajesh from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay!
We have two new visiting students! Pierre from France and Sarah from Germany.
Perepichka Group Civ4 night scheduled for Wed.
A belated welcome to our new post-doc Hayden!
2013.06.19 Julia is now responsible for he website maitenance.
2011.09.30 New post-doctoral fellow. Welcome to the group Steven!
2011.09.02 New List of Chemicals is now available on the Google Docs page
2011.09.01 Congratulations to Dr. M. Kondratenko on defending his PhD theses!
2011.07.01 Internal resources are now working. Consider new research projects in Research section.
2011.04.20 New news today! Our website is working (almost).
2011.01.26 Congratulations to Dr. O. Ivasenko on defending his PhD theses!
2009.11.01 Welcome our new group members: Master student Julia Schneider.
2009.11.01 Congratulations to Sasha and Chaoying on acceptance of their paper to JACS; to Chenglin and Afshin on acceptance to their paper to Advanced Materials; to Tobias on submitting his MSc thesis. Tobias has moved back to Europe. GOOD LUCK!
2009.08.01 Welcome our new group members: PFD Olena Lukoyanova, PFD Chenglin Yan, PFD Andrey Moiseev, PhD Vishya Goel, Master students Matthew Morantz and Chaouing Fu, Summer students Antoine Lacasse and Insik Chung and Summer students, from Germany, Taida and Sandra.
2008.08.01 Tyler has finished his Master program.