Self-assembled molecular networks


Nature uses weak non-covalent interactions to build complex biomolecules and whole organisms through a process of self-assembly. We would like to employ such self-assembly properties of organic matter for bottom-up construction of complex (opto)electronic devices based on organic semiconducting molecules.

We design and synthesize (hetero)aromatic molecules with weakly binding functionalities (hydrogen bonding, halogen bonding, etc) which can be used as "nanoscopic bricks" to build a nanopattern of a given symmetry and periodicity. In collaboration with the group of Prof. Rosei (INRS), we use scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) to directly observe how molecular associations are formed and transformed in real time, both in Ultra-High Vacuum (at INRS) and at solid-liquid interface (at McGill and INRS). Density Functional Calculations are actively employed to interpret the STM images and to understand the molecular interactions in such systems.

Figure below shows the STM studies of host-guest self-assembly of terthienobenzenetricarboxylic acid with C60 fullerene, as a model "bulk heterojunction" system for organic photovoltaics (solar cells).


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